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Urbanstylz is Now Accepting Submissions

Urbanstylz stands at the forefront of almost every aspect of the entertainment industry from feature film, television and home entertainment and worldwide distribution to DVD and Blu-ray, digital distribution, animation, and broadcasting. Urbanstylz delivers content across all mediums including broadcast, cable, pay and digital marketplaces while using the latest anti-piracy technology in order to secure your content.


Urbanstylz licenses feature films and short films of all genres. Urbanstylz strives to present the highest quality features, documentaries and shorts to our viewers. To that end, we send acquisitions staff to the major film festivals, including, but not limited to, Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, Tribeca, Atlanta Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, SXSW, and Toronto to scout new films and new film makers. We also attend screenings in the New York City area. Urbanstylz does not and cannot accept unsolicited submissions for feature films nor will we respond to inquires regarding such submissions. Any unrequested unsolicited projects will be discarded.


Periodically, Urbanstylz relaxes it's non-solicitation submission policy to allow independent artist an opportunity for Theatrical Distribution. All submissions must follow the below rules in order to be considered. Films that do not meet ALL the below criteria will be immediately discarded.


How to Submit


For Theatrical (Currently accepting non-solicited submissions)


Entries must meet ALL the following criteria: (films that do not meet all criteria will be disqualified)


  1. Film must have at least one recognizable Lead actor/actress with an IMDB star meter of 1 through 20,000;
  2. The film must have been completed after December 1, 2014;
  3. Any SFX, VFX, score and music in the film must have clearance and signed sync/master release forms;
  4. The submitter must be officially listed as either the Director or Producer;
  5. The film cannot have a current theatrical distribution deal;
  6. The film can not have screened Theatrically, DVD, In stores, on pixBeans or anywhere online where it could be viewed for free or open to the public. Films screened at Film Festivals are allowed.;
  7. Films previously submitted to Urbanstylz cannot be considered. Submitting a film twice can cause you to be blacklisted and banned from all Urbanstylz competitions and from uploading content on;
  8. Must provide a trailer at least 30 seconds long, no longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds;
  9. Film must be at least 80 minutes and no more than1 hour and 45 minutes in length. Films that are classified as Epic, Fantasy, or Period Piece can be 80 minutes and no more than 2 hours and 30 minutes in length.
  10. Films must be 100% complete. (picture is locked. All adjustments, corrections are final. Winning films will have to provide deliverables such as separate audio 5.1 stems in the following format: 5.1 DX, 5.1 MX, 5.1 EFX. (Urbanstylz can provide any services that the film doesn't have);
  11. The final film must have a resolution size no less than 1080p, with a frame rate no higher than 24fps.
  12. English must be the general language.



Submission period will close June 3, 2018. Top 10 Finalist will be chosen in November.


How to Submit

To submit email: (all information should be in one Email, no attachments)


  1. A link to the trailer;
  2. Provide Name and Contact number;
  3. List of top 5 Billed Cast;
  4. Year film completed;
  5. List of Film Festival awards (if any)
  6. up to One page synopsis in body of email (No attachments);
  7. In the Subject/Re field insert: Theatrical Trailer: (name of Film);
  8. Email all the above to (




Films will be screened by Urbanstylz and our Atlanta partner Studios who will choose 10 finalist. From the top 10 film finalist, the panel will select one or more films for a United States theatrical run. The number of theaters and other compensation will be dependent on the strength of the film.



For Film Festival (pixBeans Quarterly Film Festival)


With Urbanstylz acquisition of pixBeans, Urbanstylz is now giving away $1,000 in prizes at the end of every quarter. To enter, upload your short film to pixBeans and share. The content, from each category, with the most "liked" votes at the end of the quarter will win.



Most Popular Series, Most Popular Short Film, Most Popular Feature.


The production with the most total votes of all categories will win an additional $500.


To learn more about pixBeans Quarterly Film Festival please click here.






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